I want you to know about partnerships, risk assessment, risk management & prevention. Because women will be safer when you transform that knowledge into great practice.

Why me?
I have years of experience working in the VAW sector in Australia and the UK. I know a lot about partnership working, coordinated community responses, risk assessment, risk management and prevention. I have a reputation as a terrific communicator and for getting things done. I am a very experienced and dynamic trainer in a range of violence against women related issues including risk assessment, dynamics of domestic violence and prevention of violence against women.

Who are you?
You are a big or small government or non-government organisation that works with women who have experienced gender based violence. It may not be your primary focus. But you and I know that so many of your vulnerable clients are women who are, or were, abused by someone known to them. And you want to help them.

What do you want?
You want to collaborate. You want to be effective with your limited resources. You want to focus on outcomes for women and children. You want your staff to be competent and confident to assess and manage risk. You want to use the evidence gained from best practice to inform your practice. You want to work in a way and in a place that does not tolerate violence against women.

More than a training course.
I don’t just train you. I build your capacity. I walk with you. I get to know you and what you need. I guide you, coach you and mentor you. I am there for you. I don’t fly in, deliver the content and fly out again. Because I want you to put the learning into practice, I get to know you well before training delivery, then hang around for a while post-training. You get what you need in a complete package. It makes a difference to how you make a difference.

Contact me to find out what I do, find out more about my training package or to discuss your training, presentation or facilitation needs.