“In relation to the prevention and elimination of violence against women, there are many people who dream of “changing the world”- Deb Nicholson stands out as a woman who already has. As a highly regarded leader in her field Deb has dedicated her extensive professional capabilities to delivering sustainable systemic change that has resulted in significant improvements in service, safety and public policy for women and children seeking protection from domestic violence in Australia and Internationally. Deb is a model of excellence in her chosen career and any organisation seeking to improve their strategic and/or operational management in the area of violence against women would benefit greatly from utilising Deb’s expertise as a consultant or trainer.”
Joanne Clark, Director
Destiny Pursuit Coaching & Training, Victoria, Australia

“Deb Nicholson is deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of domestic and family violence. She has a wealth of experience in the Community Sector as well as senior positions in government. She has extensive local and international experience to draw from. Her management and organizational experience in the area is unsurpassed and a great resource for managers, workers and policy makers in the domestic and family violence area.”
Cathy Humphreys, Professor of Social Work
Department of Social Work, University of Melbourne

“There are two keys to Deb’s success. Her ability with people is tremendous and her knowledge is vast. She has an open character with a foundation of assertiveness that people find easy to warm to and work with. It is evident that she is highly skilled in the issues of violence against women and has strategic and operational understanding.”
Anthony Wills, Chief Executive
Standing Together Against Domestic Violence, London