Is this you?

You (and your children) have emerged from domestic violence and you are now safe. You probably experienced a combination of physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, emotional, spiritual, or economic abuse. You could have lived with it for a very long time or it may have happened once. You survived it. You are not in crisis now.* You are living your life in safety and freedom. You want more out of life but are not sure you ‘deserve it’. You don’t feel confident enough to ask for what you want. You are not sure you can have goals and dreams, let alone reach for them. You are looking to the future and want to explore your own potential. You want more. Or better. Or just different.

Coaching is not counselling, outreach, advocacy or crisis support.
As a trained coach I will take you through a structured process to achieve your desired goals. We will focus on where you want to get to and the steps you can take to get there. My experience as a domestic violence advocate, sexual assault counsellor, and women’s outreach worker provides me with empathy and a depth of knowledge about domestic violence, the impact of trauma and the support sector. This will enhance the coaching experience and it will be a safe place for you. But it will be coaching, not counselling. And if you are ready for a professional relationship that is all about getting to where you want to go, then coaching could be just the thing for you. Why not contact me to arrange your free, no obligation 30 minute session?

*If you have reached this page because you are in crisis and need help please call the police or your local domestic violence crisis service. If you need to exit this page quickly click here.