I stepped away from Victorian Public Service in August 2011 where I had a senior role in the Magistrate’s Court administration managing the Family Violence Programs and Initiatives Unit. Fresh from an exciting and influential role in London as Partnership Manager with leading domestic violence charity Standing Together against Domestic Violence and earlier cutting edge development and managerial roles in the Scottish violence against women (VAW) sector, I expected to be able to influence the justice sector in Victoria. That is – to be part of improving the legal and court system so that women experiencing domestic violence can feel confident using the system to seek the protection and justice they deserve. But being in the bureaucracy proved to be an unnatural habitat. I truly admire people who can thrive in that environment but it was not for me. So, after losing my best friend to cancer in June 2011 I decided life was too short and too precious and at 48 and a half I quit a highly paid (and superannuated!) permanent job to work for myself. Again. I have worked as a consultant on and off for many years but in the last 20 months I have been profoundly privileged to be able to lean into my truest and deepest passion  – to end violence against women, to make the world a better place for women, and to teach others.

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