Welcome to my new website. The “Daring Greatly” part of the title is the name of a book I am currently reading. Dr Brené Brown researches, writes and speaks about courage, vulnerability and shame. Beautifully. I have spent the last month or so re-working my website and have been grateful for the insights I have gained from her work. Re-working the website has required me to transcend vulnerability and find courage as I re-wrote the copy in a voice that more resembled my own. I needed courage as I wrote things about myself. I needed courage as I noticed my own avoidance behaviour. I needed courage when I asked for feedback on an early draft. I needed courage when I costed out my coaching program. I needed courage to publish despite feeling that it isn’t ‘perfect’. All the vulnerability scripts are there – not good enough, who cares about me or my experiences, who will want to connect with me, who would pay for that, who do I think I am and the big ones – I am not good enough, its not perfect yet and who the hell do I think I am. This has been my process.

Showing up.
So, in service to myself and to you, I have dared to show up as my real self, with my truest passion and purpose and offer something of value to the world. Its not that I haven’t been doing that for most of my working life – its just that showing up sometimes feels like showing off, and there’s vulnerability and shame in that somehow. Or there was. I am showing up, leaning in and putting myself out there because I am so inspired by the courage of all of the women in the world who live daily with the terror and injustice of gender based violence. I want to do justice for those that didn’t survive. And those, like me, who have survived. I want to be courageous on behalf of us all.

My mission is to end violence against women by improving organisations, improving practice and by working with individual women. It feels like a good balance. The kind of balance that creates genuine opportunities for women’s voices to be heard throughout my work with organisations. This is changemaking. And today is a great day to start changing the world.

I would love your feedback on the website via the Contact page.

Meet some of my teachers. I am profoundly grateful for guidance on the path to playing bigger, loving support and laser sharp coaching in my unfurling and spine tingling insights into how to teach now. Merci.