I am excited about helping you create, deliver and evaluate programs and practices that enhance women’s safety.

About me.
I have worked in the violence against women field in Australia and the UK for more than 20 years. I am qualified in counselling, community development, domestic violence advocacy, coaching and training. I have worked on the frontline. I am an experienced and passionate project and people manager. I am an innovator and problem solver. I love making partnerships better. I am interested in seeing how things work, or don’t work. I am passionate about gender justice and gender equality. And I am utterly committed to ensuring that violence against women is prevented, women and their children are protected, and the community holds men who use violence accountable. Click here to see some career highlights.

About you.

  • You are an individual or organisation that wants to do more to ensure that the women you support are safer. Even if violence against women is not your “core business”
  • You know that partnership working, information sharing and coordinated responses to domestic violence improve women’s safety and reduce homicides. You want your organisation to lead in this
  • You want to know how you can contribute in your workplace to preventing violence against women
  • You want your staff to be competent and confident to respond effectively to the women you serve
  • You want to introduce or enhance domestic violence common risk assessment and management processes
  • You are committed to improving your practice and your workplace culture to support women’s safety and recovery

About what I do.
Working closely with you I can help:

  • Raise your awareness about women’s safety and define your mission
  • Build a risk assessment and risk management culture that works for your clients and your staff
  • Review and strengthen your multi-agency partnership
  • Deliver an effective multi-agency coordinated response to domestic violence
  • Find out if it’s working – review, monitor and evaluate – and then help you find ways to improve
  • Build workforce capacity, competence and confidence around women’s safety
  • Identify your training needs or gaps and develop training to meet those needs
  • Find ways and means to get women’s safety on the agenda
  • Inspire you, your team, your stakeholders and your funders with ideas and solutions for coordinating your response, working in partnership, and growing your capacity for enhancing women’s safety